Sunday, 30 April 2017

So long 7th edition 40k

It seems to have been a few months since my last post. Life has been busy with changing jobs again and working more weekends etc. However this is definitely an interesting time in the hobby with 8th edition just announced.

So what have I been up to since last time?

Besides watching a few battle reports on YouTube, I have made and played some Age of Sigmar with a Death army using some unbuilt Vampire Counts models I had picked up along the way. I have found it quite good fun, although I am still not used to the fantasy models (in my mind anyway) in the faux sci-fi mortal realms.

As well as playing occasional games with my Howling Griffons and Angels of the Covenant 40k armies, I also picked up the Calth boxed set, which I have made into an Alpha Legion army. I went for them partly because of their ambiguous loyalty (a bit like my DA I suppose..) and I also like their new rules in Traitor Legions. Finally Chaos have become competitive again and got some fluffy rules to match the lore.

In one particular game, which I ended up drawing against an Ultramarine army, one of my infiltrating cultist units managed to tie up a captain in combat before a second unit made a 10" charge with 2 sixes and then beat him with numbers. He then failed Ld and jumped off the board.

Speaking of Ultramarines, I have also been working on Roboute Guilleman as a LoW for my Griffons.  I am hoping to get a game with him soon, before 8th drops.

Work in progress

There were the predictable negative reactions when the new edition was first announced, but I like the way GW is now  drip-feeding information to counter some of the wilder speculation.  It does seem like they have learnt from some of the mistakes with Age of Sigmar. In particular, my Orks are looking forward to more outings when the game has been re-balanced.  I have enjoyed 7th edition on the whole, but it is not a level playing field, including the insane Ynnari soulburst thing. It will be good to see the meta shifting again.

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